How Do We Break Down Barriers to Advanced Energy Resources in Wholesale Energy Markets?

Source: AEE

Advanced energy technologies have a tremendous opportunity to enhance electric grid reliability and resilience, lower energy costs for consumers and provide cleaner resources to the grid through wholesale energy markets in the U.S. These competitive markets, managed by independently operated RTOs and ISOs, run auctions for energy resources in a bid-based, non-discriminatory process. While the ultimate goal is to provide a level playing field for all energy resources, advanced energy technologies like energy efficiency, energy storage, demand response and other distributed energy resources still face significant barriers in wholesale energy markets.

Our Managing Director, Mark Laabs, recently joined Advanced Energy Economy, Tesla and Enel X for an in-depth discussion on the specific challenges advanced energy resources face in wholesale energy markets and how we can address them. You can watch the full webinar here:

AEE Webinar – Breaking Down Barriers to Advanced Energy in Wholesale Markets