RTO Insider: ELCC Method Endorsed by PJM Stakeholders

RTO Insider covered the news that PJM members endorsed a proposal to use the ELCC method to calculate the capacity value of limited-duration and intermittent resources, quoting Modern Energy’s Betty Watson. Read excerpts below and the RTO insider piece here (sub. req.) 

PJM members on Thursday endorsed a revised joint stakeholder proposal to use the effective load-carrying capability (ELCC) method to calculate the capacity value of limited-duration, intermittent and combination (limited-duration plus intermittent) resources. […]

Betty Watson, senior director of policy and market design at Modern Energy, one of the sponsors of Package D, praised the work done by PJM and stakeholders since April when the issue was brought to the Capacity Capability Senior Task Force (CCSTF).

“The package approved by stakeholders today represents an important step forward for the participation of energy storage and intermittent renewables in PJM,” Watson said. “Just as important, the package represents the result of meaningful stakeholder cooperation and finding common ground.”

Read the entire RTO Insider piece here (sub. req.)